The project that produced Garabanal, only God knows, and its continuation, Garabandal, unstoppable waterfall, was initiated on a non-profit basis and continues to be so.  If we wanted to take Garabandal, only God knows to the movie theaters, it was because of the impact this would have on the media, as in fact did occur.

The COVID-19 crisis has created an exceptional situation, to which we should respond in an exceptional manner.  That is why on May 31, 2020 we will load up Garabandal, only God knows on the internet for free viewing in 10 languages.  We would like, however, to add a detail.  Although our internet premiere is absolutely free, the preparation of the dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese and Italian, languages in which we will not be able to show the movie and offset these expenses through the sale of tickets, has entailed expenditures in excess of 25,000 euros.

If you can help us with your contribution, we would be eternally grateful.  May Our Mother allow her blessing to be transmitted through this movie.

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