The Prophecies
The Warning, the Miracle, and the Chastisement.

Of everything that has taken place in Garabandal, there has been much speculation about the prophecies communicated to the young visionaries: the Warning, the Miracle, and the Chastisement. In the first message, made public on October 18, 1961, the Virgin warned, “The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.” However, that night, due to the persistent rain that did not cease during the whole day, the soaked and disappointed crowd hardly paid attention to the message of Our Mother from the girls’ trembling lips.

Little by little, during 1962, and when the Virgin gave them permission, the girls continued completing the information. Conchita explains, “[The Virgin] told me that God was going to do a great miracle, and that there would be no doubt that it was a Miracle. It will come directly from God, with no human intervention. They will see that it comes directly from God.”

Before that great Miracle, there will be a supernatural Warning to prepare us. The girls explain, “It will be a terrible experience, but it will be for the well-being of our souls. We will see interiorly, in our conscience, the good and the evil we have done. The purpose of the Warning is not to cause us to fear, but to bring us closer to God and to increase our faith.”

However, if after these two great divine interventions, the Warning and the Miracle, humanity does not change, there will be a Chastisement. It will come for our good and for our conversion. The girls affirm, “If we do not change, the Chastisement will be horrible.” Conchita, Jacinta and Loli saw it, but do not have permission from the Virgin to even to describe it. The intensity of the Chastisement will be closely related to how we react to the Warning and the Miracle.

The Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement have a very clear purpose: to move us to conversion and a change of life, so that we may attain what Our Mother asked for in the first message: “We must be very good.” The Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement are not independent from the messages of Our Mother in Garabandal. Many people, mostly out of curiosity, try to find out when and how these events will take place. However, it is much more important to focus on living the messages. We must do what Our Mother asked of us, changing our hearts and growing spiritually through prayer, meditation on the Passion, and a more intense Eucharistic life. So much depends on the spiritual state we find ourselves in when the Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement arrive! The same sun that softens wax hardens clay. In some, the Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement will provoke tears of repentance and love, while others will thrust themselves down the slope of blinding hatred towards God.

The Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement come from the depth of God’s most merciful Heart. We must prepare ourselves for them and receive them with immense gratitude.