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Garabandal Message of Hope: Recent Marian Apparitions
By Jose Luis Saavedra

Message of hopeIf anyone desires to know what really happened with the Apparitions of Garabandal and where these apparitions stand in the opinion of the Catholic Church, Garabandal Message of Hope is an absolute "must read." Many have asked: Did the Virgin Mary really appear in Garabandal? Were the messages that the visionaries gave true? What happened to the official investigations? Has the Church given her definitive judgment with regards to the apparitions? Do the extraordinary happenings have any natural explanation? Is there any future for the apparitions of San Sabastian de Garabandal?These are but a few of the questions that receive light thanks to this incredible work based on the first academic study ever realized on the supposed Marian Apparitions of San Sebastian de Garabandal in the University of Navarre, Spain. Jose Luis Saavedra meticulously unravels the story of Garabandal in its entirety, from the historical facts to the mystical theology behind the events; and from the private messages of the visionaries to some of the most well-known spiritual fruits of conversion and healing known to the public. What is more, he has managed to transform an academic study into an enjoyable and accesible read for all. If you are interested in the story of Garabandal, you need not look farther than this book.

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