Behind the Scenes

Pedro Portada

Pedro1Pedro Leal plays the role of Doctor Puncernau in the movie Garabandal: Only God Knows. Once the filming ended, Pedro began his new role as administrator and spokesman of Mater Spei to continue collaborating actively in the distribution phase of the movie. He is responsible for contacting theaters chains and distribution channels.

1. Pedro, you play the role of Dr. Puncernau in Garabandal: Only God Knows. But what do you really do?

I am an Industrial Engineer and I work as Supply Chain Director for a Finnish global company that specializes in manufacturing paper packaging for food and drink.



2. Explain to me how an engineer ends up with a big role in a film about the apparitions in Garabandal. Do you have a lot of spare time or get bored at home?

I'm still wondering that myself! I do not have much free time, nor do I get bored at home, but I could not refuse to participate in such a beautiful project, full of faith and hope. My whole family loves the Virgin and our faith has been greatly strengthened since we found out about the apparitions of Garabandal. We simply could not pass up this unique opportunity to participate in the film, knowing that the goal is to transmit Our Mother’s messages and to ask that the study be reopened. It was a great grace to be able to participate in the movie, but like the whole team, we want this to reach every corner of the world.


3. In this distribution phase of the film, what is your role?

I am multi-employed, just like everyone else in this film. All of us give what we can according to our possibilities and circumstances. I am one of the administrators of Mater Spei AIE and now I am collaborating in the distribution phase. I look for people who are willing to collaborate with us to reach cinemas in other cities so that we can reach every place possible, especially those areas where people have requested the film.


4. What goals have you set for yourselves in this first stage of distribution, from here to the premiere in Spain on February 2, 2018?

First, we want to premiere in Spain simultaneously in Madrid, Valencia, and Las Palmas. Then, our second phase is to premiere in other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, and Murcia. The third phase will be the premiere in other countries. We have already begun to establish contacts and possibilities in the USA, Ecuador, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.


5. What does participating in all the different stages of Garabandal, Only God Knows mean for you?

In the first place, just being able to dedicate myself— along with my whole family— to something that goes completely out of our daily routine has been a great grace. It is also a great privilege to have met so many generous people. We have met truly selfless people who were willing to give everything without asking anything in return, willing to sacrifice their vacations and free time for love of the Virgin. It is also a privilege to know that we will help so many people in need of hope through this project. For me, just this stretch of the journey has already been worthwhile, and I thank God for it. If, from here, we continue to achieve our objectives, it will be more than we would have ever dreamed. Right now, when we are about to start the most difficult part of the project, is when we begin to be aware of what we have done. We have no idea what the future holds and we do not yet know what is waiting for us. Undoubtedly, all of this— what we have already done and what awaits us— is the work of Our Mother. We have done everything for Her and nothing would have been possible without Her.