Behind the Scenes

 Barcena 2

Alberto Bárcena, an attorney and doctor of contemporary history, is known for his brilliant intellectual activity and for the depth of his research.  Many were surprised to see him become an actor in the movie Garabandal, only God knows.  In this interview, he tells us how he lived   through the filming of the movie and the fruits that he expects will be derived from the movie.

1.- When the trailer and the posters for the movie Garabandal, only God knows, came out, many people were surprised to see the famous Professor Bárcena among the protagonists in the film. I imagine that before you accepted the role, you were aware that something like this would happen. Weren´t you afraid of the reaction of your many followers and admirers?
Yes, I was aware that some would be surprised to see me in a film, and even more in this one. But I think that human concerns should not block us when we can do the good and defend the truth.

 2.- Why do you believe, Professor Bárcena, in the supernatural character of the apparitions old Garabandal? Did you study these as you have so many other complicated topics of our contemporary history?
On account of family, I have always had links with Santander. From my youth I always had many references to Garabandal. In all of that mountainous area, the apparitions raised a great expectation, and although the apparitions were not recognized, people continued to talk about them for a long time with some disillusionment. Yet I always thought that something occurred there which could not simply be explained as a manipulation by four girls who lived in a remote village. The messages seemed to be quite profound, yet simple, very similar to the warnings of Fatima for these to be simply deemed a childish invention.

 3.- What motivated you to accept this role?
I thought I could collaborate in something important, to return to that long forgotten matter that could be true, although its supernatural character had not yet been determined, although it has not been disproven either. And if there was a chance that it was such, I thought it worthwhile to let people know about what went on there. If the Virgin Mary spoke, we need to listen to her.

 4.- Was it hard for you to play the role of the severe and rational Father Vergara?
It certainly was. It was something I discussed with my confessor. I did not wish to represent, at least in appearance, a priest who seemed to be such a rational person and who was radically closed minded from the beginning toward the supernatural. Afterwards, I understood that the person I played was essential to comprehend this story. The doctoral thesis of Father José Luis Saavedra helped me to understand this person.

 5.- What fruits do you expect from this film?
As I have said, to let people know about these events, which were they to be true, are too important to relegate them to oblivion. Aside from the importance of fomenting Marian devotion, we have no better Mediatrix before our Redeemer than his Mother. We need to return her love, that love which moves her to be close to us, to warn and guide us by the way of salvation.

 6.- Why is it so important for the facts of Garabandal to be studied? What are the consequences that may be derived from failing to do such an investigation, or perhaps are already being derived?
That the message of the Mother of God will be silenced, perhaps indefinitely. In the profound moral, social and religious crisis that we are suffering, this message would be a great help to remedy so many evils that are evident at the international level in so many areas. If God does not remedy these, things will only get worse.

 7.- Any advice to those who go see the movie?
Go see it without any prejudices.