Fernando Pérez Lara

I saw the movie “Garabandal, only God knows” this past Friday during its premiere in Cancún, Mexico.  I cried several times.  I came out staring at the heavens.  It touched my heart very strongly.  For me, that movie was “the warning.”  After 33 years, I went to confession with my bishop and I am very happy.

We need to learn to see our souls, and from that perspective to do everything.  I received from God and the Virgin the most beautiful gift that I could imagine.  But this cannot simply remain in sentiments, now it needs to be transformed into works.  I do not want to reach the presence of God with empty hands.  My gratitude goes to Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Loli and Mari Cruz.  And naturally, after the movie I researched and for me it was shocking to see how much information is available.  It is obvious that I keep the good part: I love my Church, the priests and the pope.  And all of this motivates me to work for the benefit of our Holy Church.

Jesus and Mary, I deliver my soul to you.

Fernando Pérez Lara


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