Cecilia Solís

Last night we saw Garabandal, Only God Knows. We invited a priest friend to go with us. At the end of the movie, no one in the theater moved.  We did not want to leave. Afterwards, when we were heading home, I asked the priest his opinion.  He said: “I knew very little about Garabandal, but after seeing the movie, I think something happened there.”

My personal experience after seeing the movie is as follows.  I left the movie theater and could not stop thinking about what I had seen, but most of all about Our Lady’s message. I could not sleep thinking about the message. Definitively, one needs to see the movie, but most of all, one needs to feel it, to live it and give an opportunity to the Blessed Virgin to speak to our heart.

Thank you so much for such a beautiful message, so necessary in our times.


Cecilia Solís, USA