Laura Gómez

I want to thank you for such a beautiful film. I went to see it with a friend in Córdoba, Argentina, and I was surprised to see how full the movie theater was with families with children, couples, some catechists, and people of all ages. The most beautiful thing was the emotions that the movie produced. Several of us could not hold back our tears. At the end of the movie the viewers all applauded, something that is not common down here.

It was beautiful to see Our Mother’s love. I believe that the apparitions of Garabandal are a continuation of those at Fatima. Thank you for creating this type of movie. The fact that the movie theatre was full stood out because it is not common for a movie theater to be full in the case of Catholic Christian movies. But how great it was to learn that we were not alone! Thank you! Compliments from Argentina.

Laura Gómez from Córdoba, Argentina