My name is Nicolás, I am from Salta, Argentina. We went to see the movie Garabandal, Only God Knows and I want to thank you for the love and enthusiasm that you put into the movie.  

As someone who is young, the film had a great impact on me, even though I already knew a lot about the events of Garabandal. I was able to get into the movie. It was incredible when there was reference to the two messages, and I was able to understand the warnings of Our Mother which helped me to discern the signs of the times. I am still trying to process the movie and trying to reflect on the messages.

Another thing that impressed me and I was able to experience when seeing the movie is the Virgin’s maternal love. In the simplicity of the girls and in their suffering, one can readily see that it was the Virgin who held them up.

I appreciate this movie very much! It was a maternal caress to the soul by the Virgin!

Nicolás (Salta, Argentina)