25countries posterGarabandal, Only God Knows has already premiered in 25 countries: Spain, Mexico,Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador,Curacao, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Paraguay, Ireland, NorthernIreland, United States, Uruguay, Hungary, South Africa, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela.

We continue to work on getting this message of love and hope to every corner of theworld. We do so for two reasons:

1. Because there are many people who still do not know how much our BlessedMother loves us and how worried she is about our salvation.
2. The two messages given to us in Garabandal and Our Lady’s prophecies regarding the Warning, Miracle, and Chastisement are meant to lead us to a conversion. This is veryimportant because if “we do not change; a chastisement will befall on us.” As Our Lady said: “You are now receiving the last warnings.”

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