Santiago Lanús has written us from Argentina. Following the premiere of Garabandal, Only God Knows in the cinemas of his country, Santiago has undertaken the selfless task of ensuring that the movie reaches areas of his country where it was unable to be shown as well as organizing private viewings for groups that wish to explore more deeply these Marian apparitions. He explains his work as follows:

“Generally the attendance is good, sometimes less than anticipated, at other times more. Usually the gatherings begin with a Rosary or Mass at the parish. Afterwards those assembled go to the parish hall or activities center. We begin by providing a short explanation as to how the movie was filmed, underscoring the fact that it involved 300 amateur actors, including the director and technical personnel, and the fact that it was sustained by a lot of prayer.

After the movie, I speak about things that come to my kind, stories about Garabandal and some thoughts about the Warning and the Miracle, in the sense that these will be two heavenly interventions so the world may change.  Afterwards I respond to any questions.  At other times I conclude the meeting with those present kissing the medal which in turn was kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal, and which was donated to me by María Josefa Villa. Nearly 100% of those present were touched. Our Mother's blessing was noticiable. A couple of pastors ended up crying.”  

Especially moving was the testimony of a volunteer in prison ministry. The movie Garabandal, Only God Knows was shown to a group of thirty five prisoners who were repeat offenders, that is to say, the most hardened at the prison. The first sign of the movie's impact on the prisoners was the total silence during the showing of the movie. Once the movie ended and the lights were turned back on, they discovered that some these men had been moved to tears. Others raised their arms spontaneously praising God out loud. 

We thank the Lord for allowing us to obtain such fruits. We also give thanks to Santiago Lanús for the excellent work that he is undertaking, as well as all of those volunteers who are making it possible for thousands of persons to acquaint themselves with the Garabandal messages and discover that they gave a Mother in Heaven who is very worried about their salvation. May she bless us all.