Excitement is in the air in a room that fills as soon as the doors open. Nobody wants to be late for the appointment. It is the afternoon of April 15, 2017, Holy Saturday. The film Garabandal: Only God Knows is about to be projected in a preview for the performers and technical team that made this movie possible. They’ve been waiting for this moment for several months, ever since the filming in August and September of 2016. The filming process took place in twenty-seven intense days—eighteen for the exterior scenes and nine for the interiors—with such a tight schedule that any unforeseen event (a rainy day, a delay, an illness) would have been enough to make everything fall through.

During the shooting, there were many difficulties to overcome. Unexpected problems appeared and had to be solved on the spot. However, the performers and technical team began each day with a short prayer that was repeated over and over again as the hours passed, “Mother, make this film transmit your blessing.” In exchange for that blessing, the participants were willing to offer up austerity and fatigue, long hours of standing, the preparation for each scene, endless repetitions, with a smile on their faces.

Their eyes were fixed on the screen during the 96 minutes of the projection. In the end, the enthusiastic applause said everything. But we wanted to hear what the protagonists had to say: the “girls,” who are not such little girls; the “Brigadier” and his wife, who are truly husband and wife; Don Valentín, whose true wife played the part of Aniceta; the bishops, the doctors... They shared many memories, many anecdotes, some tears of emotion, and a lot of laughter. One thing was for sure: the blessing of Our Mother had been granted thanks to their great trust and sacrifice.

The participants, all of whom are volunteers, agreed that they do want a recompense for their efforts. They ask the Lord to grant all the spectators of Garabandal: Only God Knows two graces: to experience Our Mother’s blessing poured out on their souls and to listen to Her motherly call to conversion.