Premios FerozSeveral days ago we received a message from the Spanish Association of Cinematographic Journalists (Asociación de Informadores de España) informing us that Garabandal, only God knows has been selected to participate in the 2019 Feroz Awards (Premios Feroz 2019) in the category of drama.  This is the latest surprise regarding the first movie on the Garabandal events that has reached the movie theaters, and we are sure that it won’t be the last.  

The Feroz Awards are given out by the Spanish Association of Cinematographic Journalists, an association comprised of journalists and movie critics dedicated to reporting about movies in various media.  The gala is celebrated each March, a few weeks before the Goya Awards, the top awards for Spanish movies given by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences. In fact, the Feroz Awards have become a prelude to the Goya Awards, similar to the Golden Globe Awards in the United States that precede the Oscars. 

Just to have been selected is big news.  It is also a great recognition of Catholic movies and of the effect that the movie Garabandal, only God knows, is having not only in Spain where the movie was produced, but also in other countries.  In fact, when one reviews the list of movies throughout the history of these awards, one is struck by the lack of movies with Christian content among those considered for the Feroz Awards. 

Irrespective of what may ultimately happen as to the Feroz Awards, Garabandal, only God knows already has obtained its award in having 130,000 moviegoers go to the movie theatres to get to know the facts of Garabandal and to listen to its messages.  

These messages of hope will be featured in the near future in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.  Work is being done on subtitles in French, Italian, German, Polish, Slovakian and Rumanian, the goal being to feature the movie in many other countries throughout 2019.  

We repeat the prayer that accompanied us during the filming of Garabandal, only God knows: Mother, grant that this movie transmits your blessing.

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