Garabandal, Only God Knows—the first film about the alleged apparitions in San Sebastian of Garabandal, Spain to reach cinemas—premiered in Ireland on 17 May, 2019. Following a spectacular response from the public on the first weekend in Derry and Cookstown, Omniplex Cinemas asked the production company Mater Spei to distribute the film all over Ireland. Since then, we have already reached Cork, Newry, Waterford, Belfast, and Limerick and Omniplex has now confirmed new screenings in the following cities:

Dundalk: 26, 27, 28 July, 6:30 pm
Cinema: Dundalk Retail Park

Downpatrick: 2, 3, 4 August, 6:30 pm
Cinema: 5 Owenbeg Avenue

Tralee: 9, 10, 11 August, 6:30 pm
Cinema: Fels Point, Dan Springs Road

Armagh: 16, 17, 18 August, 6:30 pm
Cinema: 25-37 Market Street

Rathmines: 16, 17, 18 August, 6:30 pm
Cinema: 210 Lower Rathmines Road

Sligo: 30, 31 August, 1 September, 6:30 pm
Cinema: Wine Street

Longford: 13, 14, 15 September, 6:30 pm
Cinema: Bridge Street

Monaghan: 27, 28, 29 September, 6:30 pm
Cinema: Monaghan Retail Park, Clones Rd

Garabandal, Only God Knows has given more than 250,000 viewers in 17 countries around to world the opportunity to get to know the events which took place between 1961 and 1965 in a village in Northern Spain called St. Sebastian of Garabandal. The film makes known two important messages that Our Mother asked the young visionaries to make public. In these messages, one of the statements stands out as having proven to be prophetic: “Many priests, bishops, and cardinals are on the road to perdition, and they are bringing many souls with them.” Who would have imagined the terrible events that were already taking place in so many parts of the world? Certainly not the young visionaries from such a remote village, in a country as Catholic as Spain was in the 60s.

The commentaries sent to us by Irish viewers fill us with joy and encourage us to continue in the difficult work of distribution:

Ann Ryan from Waterford writes: What a turn out! Even the bishop of Waterford was present. I met a lovely lady last night from Cahir, County Tipperary. Her daughter was young and really touched by the film. You have done a wonderful job for Our Lady. Praise God. Keep up the good work.

From Newry, where we have been blessed with a very enthusiastic and hardworking promotion team, Maria Markey explains: Fantastic crowd attended closing night in Newry (in cinema for 20 nights). Thank you Mater Spei. Newry and the surrounding area will certainly benefit from seeing the movie Garabandal, Only God Knows. May Our Lady of Garabandal and her Son, Jesus, continue to bless your work.

Margaret Clifford sends her testimony from Limerick: Saw the film in Limerick tonight.
Powerful. Felt the love and presence of Our Blessed Mother throughout the film.
Certainly predicted the times we are living in today. The love Our Lady showed for the children and the way she was interested in their simple way of life shows the Motherly Love she has for us all. Our Lady called the children to her and she is still calling us today. We must respond.

Please spread the word about the new releases of the film and help us fill the cinemas! If the film has still has not reached your city, feel free to fill out this form and send it to all your contacts. The more petitions we receive from a city, the more likely it is that the film be released there. 

We will do all that is possible to make the film reach a city near you. We are witnesses of the immense good the film is doing, and we know that souls must hear the voice of our Blessed Mother who guides them towards conversion, towards Jesus Christ, and towards Heaven.

Garabandal, Only God Knows does not try to anticipate the judgement of the Church concerning what really happened in San Sebastian of Garabandal, it simply transmits the experience described by the hundreds of witnesses who lived the events. That is why the film is entitled, “Only God Knows.” But this title also expresses something else; we are certain that “Only God Knows” the plans of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother for Garabandal. We, as useless servants, must be at the service of the will of God and have the prudence to not disrupt his project of love over humanity. That is why this simple question must be asked, just as the humble parish priest of Garabandal, Don Valentín, asks in the film: “…and if all of this is true?”

If any mass media or journalists would like to schedule an interview concerning the film and its release in Ireland, please contact our press office at this email address to set up an appointment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May Our Mother permit this film to transmit her blessing!