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LaNefLa Nef is a monthly Catholic and independent publication edited in France, being faithful to the Church and the Pope.

In January of 2020, with the premiere in France of Garabandal, Only God Knows approaching, Yves Chiron wrote an interesting article in the magazine La Nef entitled Garabandal, where are we? (Garabandal, où en est-on?) in which he stated: “The premiere in France of Garabandal, Only God Knows, sheds light on these presumed apparitions of the Virgin (1961-1965) which have not been recognized by the Church, but whose message has not been condemned.” 

 Christophe Geffroy, director of La Nef indicates that the objective of his magazine is to form as well as inform. The publication has the support of distinguished French prelates such as Bishop Marc Aillet, Bishop Dominque Rey and Dom Jean-Charles Nault, as well as some cardinals such as Cardinal Robert Sarah.