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Gavin Ashenden

On the Fourth Sunday of Advent, the former Anglican Bishop Gavin Ashenden was received into the Catholic Church.

When one asks him the reason for his conversion, the first thing he talks about is Garabandal. Javier Paredes has written an interesting article in Hispanidad commenting on this development. Paredes played the role of Bishop Ortega in the movie Garabandal, only God knows, and that is why he ended his article by writing the following:

“From bishop in the movies to real bishops, we all need to take Garabandal seriously because these apparitions are as certain as the sun that shines on us. Each day that passes without our doing anything we waste a torrent of graces. Proof of what I am saying is the conversion of this Anglican bishop who was chaplain to the Queen of England.

You can read the full article in the following link.