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Gaby Hernández de Alujas, a popular radio and television personality in Mexico interviewed in her María Visión program María Madre Nuestra (Mary Our Mother) Rafael Samino and Esmeralda Pérez, actors in the movie Garabandal, only God knows.  Rafa and Esme, as they are commonly known, were in Guadalajara, Mexico this past 20th of September of 2018 for the premiere of the movie in Mexico, an event that was also covered by the same Gaby Alujas.

In a warm interview, Gaby Alujas chatted with the actors, asking them about details on the production of the movie, as well as about aspects of their personal and married lives impacting their conversion and Christian lifestyle.  Using her personal Facebook as well as the Facebook for her program María Madre Nuestra, Gaby Alujas has continued disseminating information about the arrival in Mexico of the movie Garabandal, only God knows.

With immense gratitude, we share the link for the program.

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