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ReL cine espiritual Religión en Libertad (Religion in Liberty) is a leading portal of news about the Catholic Church in Spanish, with special attention given to current conversion stories and initiatives of the New Evangelization, among which, obviously, are Catholic movies.  

As the year 2018 ended, Pablo J. Ginés, editor in chief of Religión en Libertad, made a review of spiritual movies produced this year and found that there has been an awakening in terms of movies with a religious content.   Among the many 2018 productions, Ginés selected seventeen, of which he commented:  “There are seventeen movies that we consider as having educational value and can help us to reflect upon our faith.” Among those selected we find Garabandal, only God knows, which is described in the paragraph that follows under the heading “Garabandal, only God knows: a challenge,” and of which Religión en Libertad explained the following:

«In February, this fictional movie that seeks to accurately depict the true facts of the Garabandal phenomenon was released, Garabandal being the small Cantabrian village situated between mountains where the Virgin Mary appeared to four girls, Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Loli and Mari Cruz between 1961 and 1965.   The Virgin presented herself hundreds of times and left two public messages calling us to conversion.   The Catholic Church, through the bishopric of Santander, has officially maintained that the supernaturality of what occurred there has not been established, something that in the beginning of the movie and at the end, the creators of the movie pointed out.   Successive bishops have seen nothing inadequate in the messages, but there is not sufficient evidence, in the judgment of the Church, to presently approve these apparitions.  

This is the plot of a movie with a zero budget in which all 300 actors and 40 members of the technical team are amateurs.  The film's technical director, Brian Jackson who is a priest, assures us that the “plot is astonishing. One would tend to think that a movie about apparitions would be boring, but the story of Garabandal is riveting.  There are so many things one could point to: the persecution suffered by the girls, so many extraordinary phenomena, the miracles and the transcendence of the message…”

You may read the full article (in Spanish) via the following link

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