Garabandal Movie: Five Weeks in Spain's Theaters

mapaIt has been five weeks since Garabandal: Only God Knows, the first film in the history of cinema whose storyline follows the supposed apparitions of the Virgin Mary in San Sebastián de Garabandal in Cantabria, Spain, made it to theaters in Spain. The public’s response has been of vital importance. Theaters were overflowing so that extra tickets had to be issued in order to meet the demands for tickets, lines of people that reached the sidewalks, etc. The owner of one of the theaters came to ask us, “What does this movie have? We have never had so many presales, not even with Star Wars.” Other companies in the world of cinema have affirmed that “Garabandal: Only God Knows has been the most successful movie in their movie theaters.”

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Preview of "Garabandal: Only God Knows"

preestrenoExcitement is in the air in a room that fills as soon as the doors open. Nobody wants to be late for the appointment. It is the afternoon of April 15, 2017, Holy Saturday. The film Garabandal: Only God Knows is about to be projected in a preview for the performers and technical team that made this movie possible. They’ve been waiting for this moment for several months, ever since the filming in August and September of 2016. The filming process took place in twenty-seven intense days—eighteen for the exterior scenes and nine for the interiors—with such a tight schedule that any unforeseen event (a rainy day, a delay, an illness) would have been enough to make everything fall through.

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