portada cdFrom the very beginning, we have verified that one of the things that most impacts the viewers about the film is its soundtrack and how it transmits the presence of the Blessed Virgin and her call to conversion.

Thus, with the title: "Our Lady in Garabandal: I never abandon you", Mater Spei releases the original soundtrack of the film, composed by Karen McMahon. The CD includes also the song that concludes the film, entitled "No te vaigas" (Do not leave us), composed by José Luis Saavedra.  

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Titles of Songs

1.- Ave María

2.- La aparición del Ángel (The Apparition of the Angel) 
3.- Conchita, ¿viste o no a la Virgen en Garabandal? (Conchita, Did You See the Virgin in Garabandal)
4.- El «hombrín» (The Little Man)
5.- Las alianzas (The Wedding Rings)
6.- Éxtasis fingidos (Fake Ecstasies)
7.- El Milagruco (The Little Miracle)
8.- El primer mensaje (The First Message)
9.- El segundo mensaje (The Second Message)
10.- La última aparición (The Last Apparition)

11.- Ya nadie nos cree (No One Believes Us Anymore)
12.- No te vaigas (Do Not Leave Us)

13.- Himno de Garabandal (Hymn of Garabandal)